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21st Century Teachers



"After trying several other CRT agencies to supply our large school with staff, I now exclusively use 21st Century Teachers. No matter what my request might be , Lu provides the correct type of teacher who is always professional, prompt and well suited to our needs. Lu herself has been outstanding in her support, organisation and help, even on those busy mornings when no CRTs are to be found anywhere! She never lets us down. I am very happy to continue with using the 21st Century team exclusively. I thoroughly recommend them to any school who needs a well organised agency to consistently provide high quality CRTs."

Leanne Fitzsimons, Assistant Principal & Daily Organiser (Bacchus Marsh Primary School)

"In 2019, we began using 21st Century to source CRTs for our college. Lu (our contact person) offered an exceptional service with prompt response to requests for CRTs. Within minutes of booking, a text response arrives with the name of the CRT confirmed – this was reassuring on those busy days when every minute counts. The CRTs were friendly and resourceful. I look forward to working with the CRTs and this organisation next year."

Mary Adamou, Daily Organiser (Point Cook Senior Secondary College - Point Cook)

"Lu and the team at 21st Century teachers have been fantastic to use for CRTs- the service is always prompt and friendly, and makes my job as the daily organiser easier! The CRTs we have obtained through 21st Century teachers are on time, friendly and professional." "In 2019 I began using 21st Century for CRTs for our school. Lu was amazing from day 1, so professional and prompt. She always confirms she has received my request and promptly sends through the name of the CRT booked in. Staff have given me positive feedback on all CRTs we have had to date, they are on time, friendly and able to ensure seamless learning for our students. I look forward to continuing with Lu and 21st Century in 2020."

Shirely Lamb - Acting Assistant Principal & Daily Organiser (Truganina South Primary School)

"Lu and the team at 21st Century teachers have been fantastic to use for CRTs- the service is always prompt and friendly, and makes my job as the daily organiser easier! The CRTs we have obtained through 21st Century teachers are on time, friendly and professional."

Sara McKee - Assistant Principal & Daily Organiser (Wedge Park Primary School - Melton)

"Lu and the team at 21st Century have been fantastic! They make the process of booking CRT coverage easy and efficient, and have been so accommodating to the varied needs in our school context . The CRTs we have worked with through 21st Century have always been friendly and professional and we value the support Lu and her agency provide for us."

Kim Sharpe - Daily Organiser (Sunbury Primary School - Sunbury)

"We have been using 21st Century for almost a year now and have not looked back. We now use 21st Century exclusively and love the small business approach which sees that we are always well looked after with our staffing needs and communication and service is exceptional. The quality and professionalism of the CRTs is outstanding. Lu and the team are so easy to partner with, always taking into consideration the needs of our school and taking the time to find the right match for us. I highly recommend 21st Century Teachers to all schools looking for a professional and supportive CRT agency."

Emma Canning - Daily Organiser & STEM Teacher (St. Peter's Primary School - Epping) 

“We've been utilising 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd for more than a year now and I have to say that we are very delighted with their service and the quality of CRT's they supply our school learning environments. The CRTs are always on time, dedicated and always supporting our classroom teachers' learning and behaviour expectations. Thank you to Lu, Cindy and the team at 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd for their prompt response when requesting a CRT via their direct mobile and email. I always feel supported and knowing we will receive a CRT confirmation immediately!"

Mark Garner - Daily Organiser (Werribee Secondary College)

"The 21st Century team is committed to building ongoing relationships. They take the time to get to know each of their teachers in person. This extends to their client management. They don’t just provide work for teachers they also facilitate incursions and can provide clear guidance to teachers and offer schools cost effective solutions. I found the management team provided exemplary support with someone always available to talk. They are transparent, personable and reliable with very good school networks. There are many casual relief companies out there but the values of 21st Century clearly exist to put the client and teacher in the best partnership. You cannot go wrong! 10/10. I would recommend the team to any school or teacher wanting casual work."

Chris S - CRT from Western Metropolitan Region

After retiring from a 30+ year career as a primary school teacher with the Education Department, I was unsure about my new part time teaching role as a CRT. Lu and the 21st Century team have been incredibly informative and supportive during this transition process and the service they provide is always friendly and professional. Through-out the year, I have had regular work with plenty of notice and information provided to ensure my CRT days are always organised and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my CRT journey with 21st Century in the coming years.

Alison BK, CRT from Sunbury

"Working as a CRT with 21st Century has been a pleasurable and worthwhile experience. I have learnt so much from them as they are a dedicated team who assist you during your teaching journey and are always there when you need assistance. With many years of experience, Lu and the team, have helped me with my teaching and have provided me with CRT work. They are organised, providing me enough notice to work at schools. They are quick to answer your phone calls and emails and provide detailed messages about the school you are working with. They are friendly and work to provide the best service to you!"

Bianca I - CRT from Keilor

Lu and the 21st Century team are absolutely wonderful to work for. Not only are they so helpful in getting me work, they also have useful links to professional development, which is something that is very difficult to find unless you are employed by a school. In addition, their schools are lovely to work in and very empathetic to teacher’s needs and requirements!! I highly recommend Lu and the 21st Century Teachers Team!!

Carmel L - CRT from Mill Park

"Firstly, I just want to say how great Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers really are. I have just read through some of the testimonials, and I can honesty say that all the positive feedback they have received is justified. From day one, working as a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) at 21st Century Teachers; I felt valued and important. The induction was relaxed and welcoming, and I love the upfront, honest and easygoing nature of the business. 21st Century Teachers really care about their relationships with others, and as a CRT it makes you feel good hearing honest and open feedback. 21st Century Teachers is still a relatively new business, so you have to ride the wave that comes with a new service. In saying that, 21st Century Teachers seem to be gaining momentum and establishing new relationships with new schools every day, and I urge CRTs to jump on board and grab onto these great opportunities. I received some positive and constructive feedback from the team at 21st Century Teachers, and it’s a nice feeling hearing when schools continue to request your services. Likewise, the team at 21st Century Teachers are equally as appreciative. They even encourage and support you with opportunities to gain fixed work advertised at schools, and are even willing to say a sad goodbye to some of their reliable staff to allow them to gain new opportunities. I have nothing but positive things to say about 21st Century Teachers, and it’s great to work with an agency that make you valued as a person."

James K - CRT from Western Metropolitan Melbourne

Without 21st Century I wouldn't be where I am am today. They have helped me grow immensely as a Graduate and I am forever grateful for their support and guidance. Lu and her staff are always willing to help - no matter how big or small a question is. If you're looking for an agency that you can trust, with instant communication and prompt organisation. I recommend signing up with this amazing company, it's an agency to believe in as they believe in you too. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Charmie C - CRT from Burnside

"As a consultant, I found 21st Century Teachers to be tremendous to work with. The organisation and support shown throughout the workshops that I have run with them have been second to none and I look forward to a continued partnership in the coming years."

Steve Brophy - STEM Education Consultant 

"As a graduate teacher, Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers have provided me with a fantastic start to my teaching career. Within the first week of being employed I had received work and it has been ongoing and constant. I appreciate the support from the team who has continued to boost my confidence as a first year teacher. Thank you all so much, words cannot express my appreciation."

Joanne M - CRT from Taylors Lakes

"I would highly recommend Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers. They are supportive and professional. I am truly thankful for the relief teaching opportunities at various secondary schools late last year and this year which has now lead to an exciting full time STEM teaching position at one of the schools they sent me too." 😊

Melanie M - CRT from Panton Hill

"From experience 21st Century Teachers are committed to provide work and care for both relief teachers and schools. Lu and the team have consistently stood by their words of going above and beyond. I recommend 21st Century Teachers to all relief teachers and schools."

Suelynn P - CRT from Reservoir 

"What a fortunate stroke of serendipity; at a time when I had become disillusioned by other teaching agencies as I felt exploited by the high percentage of my income they took each day to 'cover their costs’, I was asked if I had heard of 21st Century Teachers on a yard duty. A month later I was highly satisfied with my decision to work for 21st Century as they care about us teachers. My deepest regards, thank you 21st Century!"

Simon M - CRT from Airport West

"I am amazed by the way 21st Century Teachers operate, with their professionalism, personal care and genuine outlook towards their staff (Us). They have landed me a CRT job within a week and a full time job within 3 weeks. Amazing people amazing results.....I owe it all to them." 😊

Aaron G - CRT From Craigieburn

"Returning to work after being on family leave was such a smooth transition because of the ongoing understanding and support Lu and the staff give! I only wish I was available more often because they are inundated with requests from schools! I am so happy that only a small percentage of my pay is taken out for commission. Thank you for acknowledging that teachers deserve 99% of what they earn instead being like other agencies with higher commission fees! Lu was extremely flexible and understanding of my family commitments during the recruitment process! Thank you so much! I choose to be committed to only this company because they are fantastic people to work for who truly care about and support their staff. Having more money in my pocket instead of paying higher commission fees is always a bonus!! I highly recommend working for a company who understands teachers and values them!"

Susanne A - CRT from Fraser Rise

I could not speak more highly of Lu and the team at 21st century teachers. It's a real family atmosphere where we are treated like a person, not another number. I would recommend 21st Century Teachers to anybody!!!

Chris A - CRT from Ashwood

"Blown away by the utmost professionalism and care by the staff and Director of 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd. Seriously watch this space!!"

Carmen B - CRT from Sunshine

“21st Century Teachers have been an exceptional agency that treat their teachers with respect and understanding. They deliver what they promise with a professionalism that makes working in the casual teaching industry easy. It feels like a real supportive partnership. Thanks Lu and your great team!”

Melva O - CRT from Mill Park

If you would like professional, friendly, small business-like treatment from a teaching employment agency, then I recommend Lu and her team to provide you with casual work. I have been with 21st Century since the start of Term 4, 2018 and I am happy with the schools I now work at. As soon as Lu and her team get notified from her schools of work, I am contacted immediately. Lu eases any anxiety, and or hesitations you may feel towards performing a casual teaching position.

Carolyn H - CRT from Taylors Lakes

“I have joined 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd, a few months back and found the organisation very good and professional to work with. Usually receiving calls for work early morning which offers me enough time to reach the destination. On numerous occasions, I have been called up for advanced shifts, which is fantastic. Their availability portal is very easy to use and effective when updating my availability. A very satisfied employee!”

David T - CRT from Coburg

When I first met Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers they were friendly and welcoming. I knew they were a reputable and professional agency. Since joining the agency I have established a good work ethic with Lu and the team and they have provided me with CRT work at various schools. Their service is exceptional as they ask for feedback from teachers and schools. I highly recommend 21st Century Teachers to educators who are wanting casual employment.

Rosina P - CRT from Bacchus Marsh

"Very pleasantly surprised that there is an agency out there that supports teachers coming back into the workforce! Well done 21st Century!"

Elly M - CRT from Mill Park

"I have been part of the 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd for the last 6 months and everyday brings something new and exciting. Joining the team at 21st Century Teachers has been amazing; from day one I have felt welcomed and supported from The Director and the schools I have been to are fantastic. They're friendly, passionate and supportive and most importantly they work with you and listen to find out your preferences and skills to place you at appropriate placements and schools. They offer additional Professional Learning, feedback and further guidance if needed, knowing they take time out of their busy schedule to call me for a 5 minute chat to see how my day was is always great!“

Rachelle G - CRT from St Albans

"The staff at 21st Century Teachers are very supportive and provided me with hope to begin my career as a CRT once again. Thank you so much!!"

Roopa A - CRT from Taylors Lakes

I have been using 21st Century Teachers exclusively for the past 6 months. Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers have been fantastic to me from the very first placement. They are committed to ongoing relationship with teachers and schools. They are transparent, personable, helpful and reliable with all teachers. During the first term I have been placed at numerous schools but teh second Semester I have been placed with blocks at regular Secondary Schools.. Lu and the team have consistently stood by their words "WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND". Words can't express my appreciation, I highly recommend 21st Century Teachers without a doubt.

Bajit S - CRT from Sydenham

“21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd is an education recruitment agency based in Melbourne. They listen to your goals and aspirations and look for appropriate work to match your skill set. The company is professional, fair and transparent to their teachers. Fantastic to have an agency that looks after their CRTs and fair with their daily rates.”

Daniel V - CRT from Carlton

"I can't express enough how much I feel appreciated and valued by 21st Century Teachers Pty Ltd agency!! From the beginning I felt welcomed and most importantly The Director's kind and caring thoughts and insights for day to day employment opportunities is in the most possible accommodating way."

Mashid R - CRT from Werribee

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about 21st Century Teachers P/L. They are a wonderful organisation and very supportive. The only agency I have worked for that pays their CRTs based on the State Award System. They get me regular shifts and the schools I work in are lovely. It's always worth the travel for me.”

Sarah S - CRT from Narre Warren North

"21st Century Teachers is a very professional and dedicated Casual Relief Teaching agency that look after their staff and also offer excellent Professional Learning Conferences for teachers. Lu is very organised and supportive! The weekly availability form is easy to fill out and Lu provides me with regular work. The schools I work at are great and the daily pay rate is very fair!"

Denis Z - CRT from Caroline Springs 

"As an agency, Lu and the team at 21st Century Teachers provide a personalised approach to positive work experiences. I love the way they supported me through my teaching and enjoy working with the schools they partnered me up with. As a teacher I feel valued and appreciated due to their efforts, kindness and ongoing support. They also pay really well for an agency and offer fantastic Professional Learning opportunities!"

Jemma F - CRT and STEM facilitator from Maribyrnong

"When you move way out West – the CRT work seems to dry up; but 21st Century Teachers with their efficient systems, makes it worthwhile to start commence CRT again. It’s also true that the further from the centre of Melbourne, the happier the children. So I think in the next ten years I can also retire happy, knowing I have fulfilled my calling in my chosen field."

Trevor M- CRT from Ballarat

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